O.H. McGregor Oilfield Services Inc.

Rail Car Cleaning

Large man crews available to tackle complete trains consisting of any type of product. Complete start to finish service including removal and disposal of product. Water blasting internal and external car surfaces. Minor repairs to car bodies.

Turnaround Services
Complete turnaround cleaning services including but not limited to: water blasting towers, vessels, tanks and heat ex-changers. Labor crews available.

Tank Cleaning/Degassing
Complete start to finish production/storage tank cleaning for inspection, disposal or maintenance purposes. Any size from 10 litres to 20,000 cubic meters. Qualified trained crews with experienced technical supervisors to effectively handle safety, environmental, disposal and operational procedures.

Hi-Pressure Jet Wash
Pressures up to 10,000 psi. Multi lance configurations for reduced down time.

Chemical/Acid Washing

Elimination of scale, sulfides and residues in vessels, towers, piping systems, tanks by the means of labor reduced circulation of pre-determined chemicals, solvents reactants as is necessarily required for numerous and specific jobs.

Chemical/Solvent Sales
We can supply most common treatment components currently in use in the industry. The nature of the job determines the specific product required and most are readily available.

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